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Now you can knit your own Ninebark Knits products with these simple patterns! Only $4 per pattern or click on the button below to check out our FREE patterns page! 

Knitting parties

Grab a group of friends, some food and drinks, and choose a home to throw a house knitting party at. It's that easy with Ninebark Knits.

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Host a knitting party

We'll come to you to host a house knitting party complete with yarn, needles and 3 hours of in-person professional teaching and support. After the party is done, you keep what you've knit, the leftover yarn and the needles to use for your next project!

Contact to book your party!


Inspired by Ontario’s woodlands, Ninebark Knits is about natural yarns and handmade products that you can feel good about. All yarns are synthetic-free and entirely sustainable, made from renewable resources such as sheep’s wool, cotton, and bamboo fibres. Products are knit with time and care, designed to highlight the beauty of the yarn while capturing the spirit of Canada’s great outdoors.


About the knitter

My name is Sarah and I fell in love with knitting in 2009, while spending time with my grandmother on the east coast. It was September, and I had just started a co-op term in Halifax as part of my studies in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. Though I didn’t know anyone in the city, my grandparents lived only a few hours away and during those autumn months, I often drove down to see them. After only two or three visits, my grandmother had already taught me the basics--how to cast on, how to knit and pearl, how to cast off.

I've always been the kind of person who has trouble sitting still. I need to move, do something productive. I soon realized that knitting was a perfect compromise. I could sit, relax, clear my mind and create something beautiful all at the same time. Today, knitting is one of my favourite hobbies, along with hiking in the woods, reading, and really anything outdoorsy.

Ninebark Knits is a lifestyle for me. A platform to practice my passion and create environmentally-friendly, handmade products for people who love the outdoors. I hope you enjoy my knits as much as I love knitting them!

- Sarah


Need to get in touch with Ninebark Knits? Send an email to Sarah at or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @ninebarkknits

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