Free Christmas Light Bulb Pattern

Christmas is just around the corner! Make sure you're ready with these cute mini Christmas light bulbs. String a bunch together of hang them individually as ornaments. This pattern is a great way to use up all those assorted colours of leftover yarn. It works with any size yarn or needles! You may want to use a neutral colour for the plug. Here we go...



Cast on 3 sts
Kfb of each st onto a DPN (6 sts)
K round
(Kfb, K1) x3 (9 sts)
K round
(Kfb, K2) x3 (12 sts)
K round
(Kfb, K3) x3 (15 sts)
K round
(Kfb, K4) x3 (18 sts)
K 3 rounds
K2tog all around

Fill light bulb with stuffing. Switch from bulb yarn to plug yarn.


K 3 rounds
K3tog all around
K3tog and tie knot

Tie yarn into a look to hand the light from. Sew in ends.

If you have any questions about this patter, don't hesitate to contact